Important information regarding Chess Tournaments

1) Tournaments & Championship.All official qualifying / selection chess events are called “Championship” from where you qualify to represent at next level.All other prize money/open chess events , organise by any recognised organisations are called “Tournaments” .

2) Official state championshipWe have official state championship for different Age group such as U-07 Open & Girls , U-09 Open & Girls , U-11 Open & Girls, U-13 Open & Girls , U-15 Open & Girls , U-17 Open & Girls , U-19 Open & Girls , U-25 Open , Senior Championship and Senior Women Championship. Apart from them , we have Rapid & Blitz Championship with no age bar.Selected players from these championship shall represents Bihar in their respective National Chess Championship.

3) How to participate in state championship?Only those Players who qualified from and/or recommended by their concerning District Chess Association can participate in above mentioned official state championship . However , they are free to take part in any open Chess Tournament organised by recognised organisation .

4) Players Registration & Entry feePlayers Registartion means an annual registration of the players with the organisation (once in year , on renewal basis) under whose jurisdiction they want to play. Suppose if you want to play in Bihar State Championship , you must be registered with ABCA. For National events , you must be registered with AICF(All India Chess Federation).Entry fee means your fee for participation in any specific Championship/Tournaments.

5) Tournament / Championship information Tournament calendar shall be published on our website as well as our Facebook page. Usually , session for our official Championship starts from the month of April . However , open tournaments can be organise at any time and their details shall be broadcast / publish on our website / facebook page.

6) How to organise a Chess TournamentIf you are , as an individual or an organisation , interested in organizing a Chess Tournament., please contact us. We are here to help you .

7) Willing to be our Title/ co-sponsor ? If you are interested to be the partner in progress of Bihar Chess , as official sponsor , you are most welcome !!!

We have a lot for you , believe us .Please contact us for further details .