Get a once in a lifetime chance to be a part of the grandest chess event – 44th Chess Olympiad 2022, Chennai. For the first time ever, India is hosting the Olympiad. Get a chance to help India and the Indian chess community put up the best Olympiad held till date.
AICF is providing an unique opportunity and inviting chess players and enthusiasts from across the country to volunteer for the event. The aim is to recruit a couple hundred volunteers. Based on the Google form application, applicants will be shortlisted for the next round of online interview.
Both the application and online interview will determine the final selection of volunteers. Assignment of various departments and the role of team leaders will depend on it. Volunteers and Team Leaders will be trained online and physically onsite before the tournament.
Eligibility for Volunteering
1. Age between 18 to 30 years
2. Either FIDE rated or AICF registered
3. Fluent in English
4. Willing to spend 20+ days onsite (20-July to 11-Aug) in Chennai
5. Fully vaccinated against COVID – 2 doses of vaccination
6. Additional benefits for knowing foreign languages
Benefits to Volunteers
1. Chance to be a part of a once in a lifetime chess event
2. Contributing to the biggest single sport event ever held in India
3. Interaction/Photo op with the top chess players of the world
4. Stipend for the entire duration
5. Accommodation & Meals for the entire duration
6. Travel fare to & fro Chennai
7. Volunteer Certificate
Let’s join together to make the #chessolympiad2022 a memorable one!!
Submit your application in the Google Form: https://bit.ly/3xCUnz7
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May be an image of text that says "44 th CHESS OLYMPIAD 2022 CHENNAI CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS ELIGIBILITY 30 years of age •Either FIDE ated or AICF registered •Fluent in English •Willing to spend 20+ days onsite (20-July to 11-Aug) BENEFITS .To be part of biggest chess event .Stipend Certificate .Accommodation & Meals for the entire duration .Travel fare to fro Chennai •Interaction with top chess players ABOUT OLYMPIAD The Chess Olympiad is biennial chess tournament in which teams representing nations the world compete in which 1700+ players representing 190+ nations participate. FILL THE FORM bit.ly/3xCUnz7 QUERIES volunteer@aicf.in"
Abhishek Sonu, Rajendra Kumar and 12 others